Los Angeles Rethinks Taxis as Uber and Lyft Dominate the Streets

The cab business is down 75 percent in less than a decade.

LOS ANGELES — The cars flow into Los Angeles International Airport in an endless stream, and in this loosely organized chaos, for-hire vehicles self-segregate at a new pickup terminal, called LAX-it.

On one side, fast-moving lanes of app-hailed cars jockey to pick up their passengers. On the other, cabs inch along the curb, waiting for a fare.

“I’ve never taken a taxi,” Heather Brandon, 36, of Arizona, said moments before she was whisked away in an Uber on a recent Sunday morning to catch a Carnival cruise. Taxis are more expensive, and the Uber app is more convenient, she said.


Originally posted by:https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/12/business/los-angeles-taxis-uber-lyft.html

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